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Re: Fuel gelling?? & back to switchgrass.

No offense to Dr Lawrence,  But that is the problem with university research --- they don't do it unless it has money tied to it..... and will research the obvous if there is money tied to it--- thus the importance of the research is secondary to "where the money is"... suttons law

Private industry has always led in research for that very reason.    Universities have become "for profit" institutions, and get by with it as long as the profits lay dormant in Foundations and properly positioned investments. ( after proper funding of staff and facilities)..  Maybe sanders can come up with a budget/endowment formula where public education institutions become fully taxable if they hold 3x annual operating budget in endowment funds.  That would pay off a little debt.


Because universities made that choice "monsanto, DuPont, etc" now monopolize agriculture and congress is so into self pormotion and buying votes with free stuff that monopoly laws are old stuff not worth their time.