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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

GMO Labelling

There is talk that the Senate will pass a GMO labelling bill similar to what the House did earlier.

Do you care one way or the other about GMO labelling?

Do you think it will hurt your profitability?  Will it force you to change the way you farm?

My own personal opinion is that GMO labelling is silly.  It gives in to Luddites who don't trust science and don't believe anything that doesn't agree with their preconceived notions.  I would not be likely to change the way I farm except in reaction to market forces.  But that is me.


What do YOU think about YOUR situation?

Would GMO labelling make you change how you farm?

Would it hurt your profitiablity?

Do you care about it one way or the other at the business (not emotional) level?


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Honored Advisor

Re: GMO Labelling

I generally agree Jim.

But this summer I had a couple of visits with our bean crusher.  Her comments told me that they are seeing the potential for problems as advertisers try to verify their own claims... and define their presently used "terms"...even if they are off the cuff language.


I shouldn't pick on usda as much as i do but they have led us into a boxed canyon by verifying the science and at the same time pandering to the politics of the "science" demonizers..  when they should have been standing behind the safety of the science..


Now I see us in a position of criticizing for profit those things which are some of our greatest accomplishments over the last 40 years.


Labeling in general is nausiating at this point... and I would agree "I would not be likely to change the way I farm except in reaction to market forces." as you say.


But when the processor says you can't sell here without signing this "statement of verification of cultivation practices"  and that statement has language I do not believe in or think is practical.......................... we are in another place.  And I will not conform to the political pressure to lie...and it will probably be time for me to pass the manure on to someone else...


More likely the processor will say you can sell here for a dollar discount without signing...

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