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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

GPS community opposes Lightsquared's latest plan

Lightsquared asked the FCC to ignore the upper part of their spectrum, which is proven to present GPS interference problems, to focus on fixing interferrence with the lower 10 Mhz.  Lightsquard still maintains that if GPS manufacturers built receivers to reject unwanted signals there would be no problem.  This ignores the fact that untill the FCC permitted Lightsquared to move into the GPS frequencies the esixting equipoment was completely adquate for the reception task.

Although many in Congress have become sensitized to the problems created by Lightsquared, the company continues to be very agressive about pursuing it's agenda in a way that would cost the GPS industry and users money to rebuild or refit equipment.  The FCC really dropped the ball on this and needs to fix it's own mess

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