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Garden City, Kansas

Here`s the NPR report that K-289 mentioned.   NPR puts their NPRy spin on it of course 🙂  but it`s apparently some sort of utopia out there that`s "threatened by the Trump administration".   I looked up the `16 vote result from Finney county and it was Trump 63%, Hillary 30% and 7% wrote in Hugo I can`t back up that write in vote   🙂   but a interesting story.


Like thousands of rural towns across the country, Cawker City, Kan., was built for bygone time.

Resident Linda Clover has spent most of her life in Cawker City, and she loves the place, but it's a shell of the town it used to be.

"When I moved here in the '60s we had three grocery stores," she says. "Now the number is zero."

Cawker City has a common rural problem. When it formed, 140 years ago, the big families living on many small, nearby farms had no other place to shop — or shoot pool.

Since then, farms have grown much bigger, the remaining families are smaller, and increasingly they're doing much of their shopping online. As career opportunities in town dry up, ambitious young adults tend to move away.

"You have to find your little place in the world," Linda Clover says. "And we've kind of lost it, in our whole area really."

But as some small towns struggle to remain viable, others, like Garden City, Kan., are booming.

But, other than being surrounded by cows and cornfields, the town doesn't square with most people's stereotypes of rural Kansas.

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Re: Garden City, Kansas

I'm  '' fact  checking ''  the  article  the  past  couple  daze -     alternative's  including  ---   



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Re: Garden City, Kansas

well let's see

they have a new built dollar general in the last year or so....they can get the basics

at least 1 liquior store

a senior center

the HQ of a wide area telephone cable tv/ internet company

funeral home

bar and grill open in the eve

half day per week medical clinic

part time lumber yard


and last but not least...........




Biggest is about 1/4 from waconda lake.



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Re: Garden City, Kansas

Elch -  add  1  more  T P & L    LLC   in  progress off loading wind energy components & reload  containers with dried milk products - so says the headline ---

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Re: Garden City, Kansas

I'll help ya with one fact.. ... or one and a half..


The population listed in the article says 27K ... steady growth since the 1960's when it was 15K...  Real population is closer to 43K........  there are those who shy away from those census reports.  But it is a caring community and will help lives change

New schools, new housing being built,  hub for trucking, irrigation,  top rated golf, 

Very progressive and new construction steady....  Airport connections good to Dallas and Denver....  Amtrak twice daily.


Sister city Dodge City's Cattle hub is growing as well in the 28-30K range just 50 miles away.  And Colby, Ks also has willed itself to prosper. 


Majority (used to be 75% and still may be close) of the US beef is fed, boxed and delivered from the GC region stretching from Dumas, Texas to Colby, Kansas...   

Wind chargers are shipped off rail daily in GC.


If I was just off the boat, and had to decide between any US city or sw ks..... I'd be happy as can be to land in GC.


NPR Spin turns my stomach because it is more condemning of the midwest than praising GC, but they are funded by those who live by condemnation.


Garden is a good place.... City leaders have always been a little more progressive and sacraficial than most...  


Allert.... I mean the webster definition of progressive (economically and humbly)  They don't hold hands with the other men at the rodeo or cry when the cutting horse turns just right.

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Re: Garden City, Kansas

Some of the immigration issue in that beef area has just been numbers...... To feed, cut, and box the number of animals shipped out of that region it takes lots of players.  Way more than lived in this region to begin with.  And your not going to get The kids in denver to move back.

I know lots of locals who have made careers in the industry and retired well from it.  The area also has large hog production and packing ..... and a very big migration of dairy production into the region...


You embrace it and make it work for the community or you founder on the complaints...


I have sat on a sprayer in the evenings just north of Hardesty, Okla and wondered at the huge amount of commerce that is done in a region with a fairly low population... It is pretty amazing...

Yes it is a place where you can spread your wings pretty wide and bight off more than you can chew.  and it can be a tough climate but the people have always been strong willed and mostly good neighbors.


I was very lucky that my transient father landed in this area where the farmers didn't all look down on the new guy with desire.

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