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Getting Farmers Concerneced About Conservation

I am bemused by the discussion over conservation.  Everyone and his brother trying to tell me how to farm and sure of two things - I'm doing it wrong and they know better.


"As Iowa ramps up its discussions on how to pay for better water quality, new initiatives are aimed at getting more farmers to aggressively embrace conservation, a word many associate with higher costs and lower production."


Yep, costs about $30 an acre, may or may not take depending on moisture, and has little or know short term payback.  Makes everyone feel better but does it save any soil or nutrients?  How about in comparison to strip cropping (alterante corn/soybeans on a slope) - how about go back to an animal industry with rotating forages (has that train long left the station)?


Nah, the government will pay cost share.  And tell you exactly how to do it whether they know what they are doing or not.


We'll raise mone with 3/8 cent sales tax.  And it goes where?  Into the general fund to pay for more prisons?  The government never does a good job with earmarked funding.  If it did we'd have bridges and roads and no one would be ill from cigaret smoke.  The government never saw an earmarked tax it couldn't divert.


Well, plant some wetlands.  And automatically come under COE and EPA and  NRCS thumb?  No thanks.  Install a saturated buffer or bioreactor and become a target for future identification as a point source of pollution?  Let me think on that one, OK?  Does anyone wonder why I'm not in any farm programs?