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Re: Good News! 2017 Net Farm Income to Rise

Again, it is more than Obama's responsibility.  Congress authorized these operations, the Fed carried them out.  The fed operates apolitically, apart from who is the chief.  Blame whomever you will.  It changes nothing.  This is still the result of unscrupulous players in the financial markets, tied to the default swap fiasco that set the real estate home mortgage markets up for failure.  Perilous times called for radical measures to keep the economy from crashing for good.  Though I do not agree with the Bush era/Obama era approach that banks were too big to fail, the reasons to act were in the best interests of the country.

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Re: Good News! 2017 Net Farm Income to Rise

Congress spends the money, though the POTUS sets the agenda, what we had in the last administration was a lap dog press and a federal reserve dedicated to making a thin resume president "successful".  He was no "economic genius", he had both houses of congress his first 2 years, the last 6 his party controlled the senate and with all that political capital, the loyal opposition was neutered.


Here`s the problem Smokey, for 8 years money public and privately was borrowed under the façade of low or no interest rates.   That isn`t always going to be the case, at some point the hatred of the current POTUS or the fed will lose control and rates will go up.   And that will be on a massive amount of debt mostly accumulated during the 2009-2016 time period.   It was damned expensive to artificially prop up the economy during that time, more debt was generated during those 8 years than in the 230+ years of US history prior. 


The current POTUS believes we can grow out of it, I doubt it but God Bless him for trying, we certainly don`t need a hostile media news/entertainment industry looking to push him into the subway tracks at every opportunity.   If the same advantages were given this POTUS as the previous, I believe we`d stand half a chance of turning things around, but if they're going to knee cap him right out of the starting block....stock up on canned goods and .22 shells.

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Re: Good News! 2017 Net Farm Income to Rise

BA  -  entitlement  checks -  &  anyone borrowing  $$$  -  Look at Japan's  fed  rate  - minus 0.10 % ---


J Deere offering  0.o % interest on items  and if I was a betting man there will be more of it. Major corporations also got in on 0% also the last 9 years , tell me if I'm mistake'n ---     

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