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Good news Nass has info....

Jim I filled that survey out so they can plug false numbers in for at least one farm this year.....


Jim how many acres of beans are you gonna plant in 2019?   My answer --Depends on the weather.


How many acres of corn are you gonna plant in 2019?   No idea..... I ordered some returnable seed.


How many bushels of grain do you have on hand March 1 ?    Please return this survey by February 15th....

     Trucks go and come every day ,,, what is in there on March 1 ------- depends on the weather the next two weeks...


And that return by feb 15th .............. Since Nass took a vacation from trying to overthrough the voters........ I got it in the mail on Feb 17th??


I am out of compliance already...... and the seed isn't here yet.  




Had an insurance (crop) company here yesterday asking us to participate in a tech program where we satellite load our planting acres and harvesting data from the machines.  They will accept that data and we still have the right to correct it with certified tickets and storage ledgers if it fades too far outside the box.  I was skimming through it until I heard a small complaint on the accuracy of the data that gets squeezed into FSA computers only to get corrected over and over.

His complaint hit home and I relayed my experience of turning in sorghum acres on 15 different locations along with corn and soybeans......sent home to wait for them to input the data and email me signature pages -- at the last minute.---no chance to review --maps were right but grain sorghum turned into soybeans in the input to computer and went uncorrected until crop insurance guys caught it and we bagan a 3 week search for corrections.... a 40 mile drive 5 extra times 


Did you know there is a program that fsa and other agencies can use to gather data from other state and federal agencies to verify information..... intended to help sharing of similar data as in this example....    our CED uses it to search land titles and leases at the courthouse and find ***** who don't pay the right rent to the right people.  When I was accused of not paying a deceased former land owner, I suggested we look in the fsa files for a more recent lease.  


Anyway I perked up ----- it data technology eventually illiminates the use of temps and local fsa offices with inexperienced personnel (or condecending activist personal) ...... I will give it a try.  Maybe this tech stuff has some promise.  Smiley Happy



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Re: Good news Nass has info....

Have it your way.  Over time, more and more accurate data will be obtained by many methods.  The survey is asking for a projection.  It is you idea at this time.  One may assume you will plant up to but probably not much more than the seed you ordered.  That number works.


I will admit - it angers me when fellow farmers refuse to share information with other farmers when by buying seed they are absolutely telling DuPont, Cargill, you name it what they are doing, and those big boys will absolutely not share their data with me - rather they'll use it to try to gain an advantage.


My mother would call this cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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Re: Good news Nass has info....

You mother might call that counting your chickens before their hatched. Or casting your pearls to swine.
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Re: Good news Nass has info....

We have many crop and market choices and the best bids don’t come in february.
They will believe my lies in February but they won’t believe the truth in June. So they only want my colloberation for the fiction they’ll create with or without me because they must beat the planters to be relevant
— I’d rather have honesty with less ego.
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