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Google Glass

I'm late digging into Google's new invention, Glass. As a first impression, it seems like the technology could have some special applications for the farm. Actually, to me Glass looks like a pretty big deal, kind of like the leap that the smartphone made from the desktop computer.


In any case the demo is dramatic, if you haven't seen it. And it inspired me to think a little about what some of the farm uses might be: Google Glass: Hang on to your hat (story).


Thoughts? Thanks....



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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: Google Glass

This concept has many applications in the military and even commercial world as a head mounted display or helmet mounted display.  It sure seems liee it has many possiblities.


One of the easiest to imagine is seeing vehicle performance data on the glass without looking down at the panel.  Speed, RPM, rotor speed, etc. would be nice to know while watching the combine header and not looking sidewasy at the panel.


Looking at parts diagrams in Google Glass while doing intricate repairs sounds like it has possibilities.


At the same time, this device might be the mother of all distractions if it takes one's attention away from the main job at hand.



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Re: Google Glass

Distraction is a crucial question. The old " can't walk and chew gum at the same time" problem takes on new magnitude.

It may take on an age parameter, too. The older I get, the fewer distractions I can take, and still stay focused on the main task set out before me.
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