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Re: Government Handouts

It seems to me that in spite of government hand outs to american farmers, there are few that appreciate them. Most are certain that they themselves are deserving but not those other folks.


Those BYO's that get higher payments, the landlord benefiot because most tenants give it all to the land owners (right?tight!) Subsidized crop insurance but woe be to the guy that wants to subsidize health insurance.


Farmers getting instant writeoffs for machines of $100K or $200k while griping about a city guy that got a small cash for clunker check.


For the most part farmers are whiners,complainers, and belly achers and don't even know what the hell they want.


The ag economy has had some historical bad days. Government intervened to make sure the fields got planted. They did not move in on robust ag economy and try to EFF it up. A prosperous ag sector radiates throughout the whole economy. Perhaps ag exports even balance out some of the importation imbalance.


The truth is we have enjoyed some prosperous times and some of us have taken advantage of it. I don't care what they do for the farm programs. CUT  the PAYMENTS S+++CAN THE CROP INSURANCE BUT LETS NOT STOP FEEDING THE HUNGRY.


Lets put tax payers on a diet. Eliminate most of the tax incentives so that people pay on what they earn instead of passing the burden on to others. Tax avoidance is not a virtue. It's avoiding responsiblity. Pay up and shut up. You never had it so good.