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Grain Entrapments Down In 2015

Purdue published their annual report on confined spaces incidents.  There were 24 grain entrapment incidents of which 14 were fatal.  Purdue claims they only learn of about 70% of incidents, as it is in the interest of workers and employers to not report.


It would seem to me if it's a death it's likely to get reported, so if there are any unreported, I'd assume it would be incidents not resulting in fatality.


I'm not sure what to make of the report.


"No fewer than 47 fatal and non-fatal cases were documented in 2015."  What does that mean?  It was documented or it wasn't.  It comes across as an emotive statement that includes, without explanation or reason, their assumption that there are more incidents.  But they talk about documented incidents.  


"Those over the age of 60 accounted for 11 (23%) of the cases, reflecting the increasing average age of farmers in the U.S."   This correlation is not supported with data.  It leaps to the conclusion that the average farmer is in the grain bin.  I'd say that on most farms, age is related to activity.  It is usually younger, active men who do the harder and more risky physical labor such as working livestock or emptying grain bins.  The study just seems a little sloppy with the details, or maybe it could benefit from some objective editing.


In my mind, this entire arena is much ado about nothing.  We have an entire ag health industry that salivates of data such as "14 grain entrapment deaths in 2015".

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