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Grassley says Senate passage of farm bill to slip into next week

Article on the New Farm Bill. Maybe it is getting closer to being passed.




Grassley says Senate passage of farm bill to slip into next week


The passage of the farm bill by the U.S. Senate will slip into next week as the chamber delays work on the legislation to remember Sen. Frank Lautenberg who died earlier this week, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said on Tuesday.

“Because of Sen. Lautenberg’s funeral tomorrow there might not be much work in the United States Senate. So that could put it over instead of passing on Thursday maybe pass on Friday or maybe go over into next week,” Grassley told reporters. “There is going to be a lot of pressure to get this done in just a few more days.”

Grassley said he believed the farm bill would probably not be voted on until sometime next Tuesday at the earliest. When the Senate does vote, the Iowa senator expected the bill to pass, with about 60 votes in favor of the measure.

In addition, Grassley told reporters he was confident the Senate could finish the farm bill before the chamber turns its attention to immigration. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Tweeted on Tuesday he intended to bring immigration to the floor next week.

The Senate made some progress on its five-year, $500 billion farm bill on Monday and is expected to work on it today, but some time is expected to be devoted to remembering Sen. Lautenberg.

The full House is expected to work on its farm bill later this month or in July. The major divide between the House and Senate bills remains food stamp cuts with the Senate proposing reductions of $4 billion and the House around $20 billion.

The farm bill extension now in place expires on Sept. 30.


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