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Re: Guys, please check in....

Kay, I was at the Commodity Classic in Nashville, taking a well earned, 15 minute nap when the order to evacuate blasted over the hotel intercom and in the rooms.  Imaginge about 6k people, plus staff walking through the maze of hallways and stairways to the basement.  A tornado warning had sounded as a very pronounced hook echo showed up on the radar screen.  Everybody was watching this with their blackberries.


An hour later, the all clear sounded and we resumed whatever meetings were scheduled at the time.  We were just finishing up our meetings and were preparing for a celebratory dinner and show at the ole Opry. 

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Re: Guys, please check in....

Kay, thanks for being concerned. Here on the Michigan/ Indiana line things were fairly uneventful last week. A couple rumbles of thunder and some rain was all we got here. Usually late March is when we get hammered with severe weather.... Late February and early March is typically to cold for severe weather here..... Have you completed your storm shelter yet?

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Re: Guys, please check in....

Glad you are okay, and hope the weeks to come aren't too scary.  I am picturing Smokeyjay and a convention full of folks in the hotel basement....


Our shelter decision was to order pre-fab ones, from a company in IA.  Frieght is going to add some to the cost; but, we felt this was our best option.  The ones we selected have filled several government and military  contracts, so should be well-engineered.  We hope they arrive sometime in April, but May should be the latest, according to the lady I placed the order with in January.    


We ended up placing an order for two 8x10 shelters, one for each end of the farm (about a mile apart).  Each shelter is rated for up to 15 adults, and that will allow for anyone/everyone who lives here, and then some. 


Daughter often has a number of kids and their parents on her end at riding lessons.  We can have our family, employee and his family, and incidental people like hay customers, feed and livehaul drivers for the hog farm, etc., at our end at any given time.  I am known for planning double-safe systems for this farm, so this is typical execution for us. 


I have started assembling shelter supplies, and plan to pick up a shelving unit for the one at my end tomorrow at Sam's.  I intend to use this shelter to center  a couple of small open sheds (probably 2 8x10s as well), one for the grill and such, and the other for my garden implements that tools. 


It will sit near the backdoor of the house, towards the garden.  It is thus close to water and electric lines, so we can run those amenities to the shelter and the sheds.  This spot, near the vegetable garden, is away from the  power lines, large trees, and the big metal haybarns.  This sets it in the direction where our worst twisters historically approach from, so ought to blow debris away from, instead of towards, the shelter. 


If you can think of any flaws in this reasoning, or have any suggestions for situating the shelter better, or stocking it for our best comfort and protection, please chime in. 


I have learned a lot from you guys that have this as a routine consideration.  As for us,. I am hoping the expenditure will be a total waste of money...that  we never need them.  That possibility is looking less likely every year, though. 

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