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Gypsy barn painters.

A slick "front man" for a band of itinerant painters showed up looking for work for his crew.  He said my old gable barn needed 2 coats, 50 gallon total and he`d sell it "at cost, no charge for labor at $37/gallon guaranteed 10 yrs".  Now he sounded like he was from south Alabam, I have no idea where he would be 2 years after the job is done, much less 2 days after the job is done. 


But, 50 gallon at $37 would be $1850 for the job, he claimed that was just the paint cost, he wasn`t charging for labor.  Now I was actually at Home Depot looking at their best Behr paint which is $140 for 5 gallon or $28/gallon, I didn`t buy any cause I couldn`t figure out if it was oil-based or Latex....I`ve had it up to here with that dog gone exterior Junk.  from now on outside, I`m only using a good oil base.


But I imagine those Gypsys spray that Latex crap and done in a few hours, never see `em again and the first rain that "$37 paint" slides off the walls.  I`m not much on that spraying, it has to be brushed in or you don`t get between the board cracks, good.


That front man saw I was dragging my feet, so Bang! he dropped the painting $1850 painting job down to $1,000...just like that.  When I didn`t snap that up, down the road he went in a huff.   Smiley Happy

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