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Alright so I'v been looking into investing in industrial hemp. I live in north carolina and have been hearing good things about pilot programs done by the state. Last year went very well and this year there is even more acreage that has been allowed by the state for certified hemp farmers .


I know nothing about farming. Im 28,  a former correctional officer II and im currently in my first year of college ( yeah, I started late). My interest in farming began a few months ago after my dad told me about crop science.



Anyway, i'd like to hear some opinion from people who know about farming, own a farm, work on a farm, etc.  What do you think of industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity? Do you think the hemp farming act has a chance to pass on June 22nd?  Would YOU invest in hemp?




I'd also like to add that some people seem to attach the stigma of marijuana to hemp without realizing that they are NOT one and the same. They are two different plants.