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You're right about there being a huge market for hemp extracts and other uses beyond paper and rope. Improving genetics and changing state regulations are progressing quickly as well, so high-yield CBD hemp grown and processed in the U.S. is able to compete well with international sources.


Beware that there has been a huge glut in many states, and the market is going to take a while to sort itself out. The big winners will be the processors and the large scale commodity farmers, but also the producers of top quality crops. A premium is paid at every level for high quality and clean green certified (the cannabis/hemp version of organic).


Everyone can dismiss the value of niche organic markets, but clean soil is more important with hemp/cannabis than most crops. Remember, it's ditch weed. This is a plant that will suck up every toxin in the soil. 


Whether you are consuming CBD oil for arthritis or taking prescription seizure medication, you damn sure don't want it sourced from 20,000 unregulated acres near a polluted river in China. You want it to be clean, close to the source, and well regulated.



I'd love to know if you go forward with it. Keep us posted!