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I know there lurks about some who worship DC...... and its self avowed integrity..... but


These are signs of where our federal employees are ........desperate.....and careless (meaning not caring about those whom they regulate.)


Check out cigarettes.... still taking up a wall of choices in convenience stores 

We see a habit, cancer potential, bad smells that lingerrrrrr, health risks, slower than meth but similar over time.  Not good for us.  A poor choice.

 Government sees opportunity, a cash cow, and keeps it on the shelves with themselves profiteering most on the sale.  

Still there still used still in large quantities at $7 a pack


That is all this is another source of big government revenue..... and usda is pretending it is an answer for agriculture's economic woes.....


If they could just get their share of all those other illegal activities ........??



So I guess we have maxed out the federal revenue from gambling....??

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