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HRWW thoughts

It's April 1 (all fool's day, congress wanted to make
It a holiday).
There is a old saying, that by Easter a bunny rabbit
Can hide in the wheat...

They are going to have to be very small bunnys

Trade talking about cold over the weekend if it hurt
The wheat....and it's going to get cold again in
A couple days.

The crop has not grown due to lack of moisture.
Oh there has been some moisture, but the soil
Is so dry, it's gone in minutes.

Then throw in the wind....a few weeks ago 40 mph
Wind common....and the winds return to forecast
In the next day.

The wheat here is behind, I'll let SW and Clayton
Report in the ks/ok/TX panhandle.

Yet we see wheat going down every day (seems
Like it)

Just when will real facts start to govern the market

Please don't tell me about our stocks, and world
Supply...first some of the HRWW in storage is
Going out of condition.
And world wide, what about quality...and what would
It cost to being Russian wheat to our Mills

Nope, I better not say that, this is a family show
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Veteran Advisor

Re: HRWW thoughts

Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox.  That means it can be a range of about 30 days.  This year on the early side.  Can a rabbit hide in the wheat in 30 days?


Sounds like a goofy prediction if it is based on a date that relies on spring weather that has a 30 day swing when a lot can happen in 30 days in the spring.

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Re: HRWW thoughts

In my immediate area, the wheat planted on summer fallow ground is still hanging on .  I was at a meeting last week at Dodge City, and the speaker showed a picture of a wheat field with a 6' soil probe in the whole way.  He said a lot of the wheat has not developed roots yet that reach into that profile.  There is a lot of small wheat and thin stands, too.  I can't see it yielding very well at all.  But at least its holding the soil in place.  I'd say the wheat here is 2-3 weeks later than "normal", so Jim, no, in 30 days there still will not be much to hide the rabbits.

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