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Halloween "Experiences" ?

I'm sure all of you are now deacons or elders, and many were altar boys, but let's face it, many of us have had an experience or two involving Halloween that maybe we look back on with more joy than pride.  


I confess that tipping over an outhouse that unbeknown to me was full of storm windows was not my proudest moment, but her dad never liked me, anyway, and she ran off with the voice teacher in high school, so maybe I get a partial pass.


Keep it clean, now, but 'fess up.  It's good for your soul.



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Re: Halloween "Experiences" ?

At the time the water pipes were being dug in my Grandpa`s hometown, there were planks to walk around the trenches.  Well, Gramps sawed one of the planks 3/4 through and the cut side was on the bottom.   Well he and his cohorts raised hell on one part of town and the one town cop on a bicycle chased them, they jumped across the trench where the sawed plank was and the cop went over it with his bicycle....crash!   I often wondered if the cop got hurt, but people were tougher back then.


This isn`t a Halloween story but my great grandfather was a Democrat ( yeah I know, one hell of a deal) well my Grandpa and his brother pulled the feathers out of a duck and put a sign on him "Democrat"  Smiley Very Happy   Well great grandfather seriously beat the 2 boys within a inch of their lives (not surprisingly, Democrats are mentally unhinged) they were afraid to come in the house and lived off apples in the orchard for a month....We`ve been proud republicans ever since!   Smiley Happy 

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