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Healthcare Coverage May Come With Estate Recovery Potential


This CALT article advises that medicaid recipients should consider that the government may recoup medicaid payments from their estate.



Because of the ACA, many low-income Iowans 55 and older (who are not yet eligible for Medicare) are now eligible to receive taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits. In Iowa, these benefits are dispensed in much the same way as other health care benefits offered through the ACA’s Marketplace. For this reason, some enrollees may not fully understand that they are receiving Medicaid benefits. While these benefits are a huge help to many, it is important for Iowans to know that they do come with strings attached. If recipients have assets when they die, ERP will, in most cases, be required to recover them from the recipients’ estates to settle the Medicaid “debt.” This may come as a surprise to some and could impact their healthcare coverage decisions."



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