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Here we go wants to merge

well the board has meet with the board of another coop, and they both feel it would be good to merge...........

seems like both coops have dingbats on their boards.....

The office would be moved 125 miles away, in another state.  The other coop is mainly in corn country, we are

more into wheat and milo....

They claim more savings........oh really ?  I called the other coop and got some quotes from them on products, no

cheaper than what we are doing, and neither are issuing very much for dividends......rather they are "growing"

and using it for building and buying....both coops.

it will require a super majority, of 66%........people don't think it will pass......I think it will, too many people too

easy talked into it.  then many don't understand, the board says its good, I know the board man, he's a good man

so i'll vote for it..........


I just wonder if basis will go down more !

seems every time we expand, our basis is worse, and they keep telling us it will be cost saving........