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Here we go again, the larry, curly, moe, goofy healthcare act


here we go again, parading around the same horse, but different saddle on him.


the new spin (or maybe it isn't) to have state everything......but i'll throw this little carrot out....yes, they'll give you money, go down

the road a ways, it will be on the states back.

as a prime example is Kansas (yes when you drive across the line, the watchs do spin backwards.

half of our state money goes to education, because some school districts sued and said it was unfair how school districts

got money.\

I swear, that bunch of bozo's in Topeka, rather than the bells to signal they need to come to order or need to go to the

chamber for a vote......they play "march of the gladiators".....otherwise known as the circus song !!!!

as they come waddling into chambers with their red noses, big wide wild ties, top hats, and big shoes.....everyone sets and

wonders who's going to pull a rabbit, or whatever out of their hats...and all remain silent until the whopie cushions are deflated,

and the sergeant at arms collects all the clown always have one that sneaks in a mini horn in their shoe,

and the sergeant at arms has to grab it from the clown (house or senate member, excuse me)


do you really think I trust them with my

they had a program, it was a joke at best, and even if you paid at 100%, you were treated like you were on welfare.

what kind of policy has a yearly limit of $100,000 ????    that's not even 1 months treatment of some cancer drugs.

yet, that was their program..


seems the circus has traveled to the "big top" in washing DC


the answer, I've outlined several times......yet nobody in Washington will touch it, they just want to push it off on someone

else to deal with, rather than fix it.....but you know, how can you blame, the most important things

in the house are the cell home, tv and computer/ any of them break down, you throw it out and buy something don't fix things anymore.

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