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Re: Heritage foundation on agriculture...good laughs !

It's been a number of years since I've taken crop insurance for the very reasons you cite, BA.  And farms do get bigger.  The expansion on farms seems to be on the big end and a few little ones feeding niche markets, and those are pretty rare.  The people who are trying to make it on a few acres come to find out it's no fun to work manual labor at 50 years of age and you can't send your kids to college from a small farm (they have to go on scholarships and loans).


Farms are going to get bigger.  The bigger the farm the more it operates like a business and not a way of life.  The more it operates as a business the less inclined the rest of the population is to subsidize it.  Are dry cleaners, video rental stores, cell phone outlets and used car lots subsidized?


Most agricultural production is from larger farms.  If the conservatives can split SNAP off and cut subsidies to larger farms, they will be down to writing a farm bill that is oriented at life-style farming (minus the Amish).  Life style farming is dying out with the current generation.


Like Dylan sang, "The Times They Are A-Changin' "


It's time to figure out how to live without the farm bill, and those who survive at it will be ahead of the game.