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Re: Heritage foundation on agriculture...good laughs !

jim I think you hit upon something....the farms are just getting bigger, and more like business like the rest

of the country (well sorta what you said).

I believe that is what our "customers" now see. Most of them work for a company, they are not all that happy,

other than good pay, good insurance, retirement, etc.  When you say business, you just got the "air exhale eye

roll" reaction.  If we say we are a business, we just shot ourselves in the food.  We want them feel, that we

are "different"...they have an idea a business in going just for one thing, to make money.  You cut corners,

do all sorts of things because you are a "business", like they work for and know all the things their companys


Our only hope is to be "different".....we produce your food  (the stuff the put in their mouths, and what they

smear all over the face of their toddlers, with maybe a couple of spoonfulls that get in....((the key is

goldfish crackers are like ensure for adults....only thing they need to survive)).