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Heritage foundation on agriculture...good laughs !


"Farming in America has come a long way in the last century.  Thanks to advances in technology, farmers no longer need to

rely on guesses about weather or blind luck to ensure a successful planting season".


(that came from the section on commodities)


remember boys and girls........trump is getting his marching orders from the heritage foundation..

read even more of the wonderful things they have to say.


They advocate doing away with agriculture support........they cited New Zealand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think there any similarity between New Zealand agriculture and the united states !!!


they stated that New Zealand did it, and they didn't have problems...........(I wonder if they are the same bunch that worked

on healthcare......oh matter of fact if you look at their main website, they did !!)


oh........i'll add this........NOAA's budget come out, they are chopping it, including satiliite funds........that's just dumb and stupid !!

they are just so paranoid about anything to do with the climate (hmmm, they acted same way about Russia, look what's



anyhow, I wonder if tweetybird understand (most likely not), that the NOAA birds we have are used mainly to track

severe weather and used for research for severe weather.  We use them to track hurricanes, and systems in

the mainland of the country.......some of these birds are getting old and cause data gaps.........


you know, something is wrong......they are so nuts about anything to do with the climate, they are going so far as wiping the

data, not funding any research, they are trying to say it doesn't exist.......why others say it does !!!!

since they are going so nuts over it.......good odds there is something there.........maybe all their oil and coal people can go

to town, and he has now lowered the fuel efficiency standards.   We did all the above due to the environment (explain why the

polar ice caps are melting at record paces, and the water is raising on the coasts....


if he thought health insurance was complex......imagine what he will think about the climate, if he ever looks into it.


remember boys and girls, your ethanol was pushed thru to help save the if we are rolling back our we need ethanol any more ???


thank about that kids


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Re: Heritage foundation on agriculture...good laughs !

I tell you what, go on the Forum page and write a post about how needed farm programs are and a cat by the name of "hobbyfarm" will poke his head up and shame you off the page....well he might leave you alone as he is a liberal also.  Smiley Happy  But he`ll say how no other business is subsidized like farming (untrue) and "the government has your back" and such.   Well it`s like one guy saying he can build a nuclear bomb, but can`t find the plutonium and another guy saying he can get the plutonium but can`t build the`d be an interesting conversation if the two of you liberals met up to talk farm subsidies  Smiley Happy


Regardless what path is taken, farms will get larger, when someone dies or goes broke it`s a mega farm that picks up the acres.  If a 400 acre farmer croaks, it isn`t a 30yr old family of 4 that goes onto that farm, except in very rare instances.


As farms get larger, they operate in a different bubble, less dollars per acre is required for living expense, that leaves more dollars that can be capitalized in acquiring more land.  The only "farm program" that could slow that down is one that heavily subsidized small farms and penalized large farms...and that ain`t in the cards.


Farmers are 1% of the population and they all have different ideas, probably in the long run going the route of New Zealand would be the least bad of a lot of bad ideas.  Because the money handouts resulted in the fencerow to fencerow overproduction we have now.   This ARC & PLC aren`t going to save anyone, my "big ARC payment" didn`t even cover my seed cost and crop insurance, anytime you collect that the next year is guaranteed to be very lean.  Outside of one or two years I`ve never seen it where you could "insure a profit" with crop insurance.



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Re: Heritage foundation on agriculture...good laughs !

It's been a number of years since I've taken crop insurance for the very reasons you cite, BA.  And farms do get bigger.  The expansion on farms seems to be on the big end and a few little ones feeding niche markets, and those are pretty rare.  The people who are trying to make it on a few acres come to find out it's no fun to work manual labor at 50 years of age and you can't send your kids to college from a small farm (they have to go on scholarships and loans).


Farms are going to get bigger.  The bigger the farm the more it operates like a business and not a way of life.  The more it operates as a business the less inclined the rest of the population is to subsidize it.  Are dry cleaners, video rental stores, cell phone outlets and used car lots subsidized?


Most agricultural production is from larger farms.  If the conservatives can split SNAP off and cut subsidies to larger farms, they will be down to writing a farm bill that is oriented at life-style farming (minus the Amish).  Life style farming is dying out with the current generation.


Like Dylan sang, "The Times They Are A-Changin' "


It's time to figure out how to live without the farm bill, and those who survive at it will be ahead of the game.




Re: Heritage foundation on agriculture...good laughs !

The technology to get huge has existed for row crop farming since the '70s.


Subsidized crop insurance accelerates consolidation in farming.


By reducing risk, especially in a low rate environment, they can leverage, and buy to expand.  The great depression sparked more interest in diversifying, and reduced leverage.  History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes.


What happens when a Giant topples?  What if Smithfield farms goes under?  Or, the guy in your area that runs 10,000 acres?  Does the guy running 15,000 acres the next county over absorb him?

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Re: Heritage foundation on agriculture...good laughs !

There are some good questions. Now when that Stamp outfit out there in Michigan with 40,000 acres went from his picture of farming`s equivalent to cover of the Rolling Stone, to flat broke in 6 months it`d be interesting who picked up those acres.  Around here local Bigshots can pick up 3 to 4,000 acres in one slug, so that must be a case of a 4,000 acre farmer retiring and passing on their  "little black book" of landlords for a fee or the goodness of their heart to their buddy Bigshot in the next county?


I think some of it`s like Hemmingway going broke "first slowly, then suddenly", so a 20,000 acre Bigshot starts getting in trouble clouds on the horizon, the banker tells them to "sell a quarter and drop some of the $350/a sand pits they`ve been renting" well, over the course of 5 years their land base is doled onto the market.  And there are still aggressive guys out there, everyone from the 10,000 acre farmer that would farm the world if satan offered it to him for his soul, to the 30 something guy that memorized 3 counties of plat books of who farms what and the scuttlebutt on the financial shape of the tenants, he`s at every land auction and always just 3 bids short of every farm that comes up for sale.


But bringing up Smithfield, in the late 90`s hog prices crashed and I thought "goody! this`ll break some of the Bigshots that ruined the hog  farmers".  Well, Murphy "family" Farms went broke....however I don`t think their pig factories lost a beat as Smithfield a even Bigger Bigshot took them over and since they are vertically integrated, if they lose on the hog production side, they make it up butchering hogs.  Like the Terminator they don`t die, they just keep crawling towards ya   Smiley Happy



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Re: Heritage foundation on agriculture...good laughs !

Probably don't need ethanol if you are willing to spend 50% more for a tier 4 engine. But if you want clean air at an affordable price ethanol is the way to go.

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Re: Heritage foundation on agriculture...good laughs !

jim I think you hit upon something....the farms are just getting bigger, and more like business like the rest

of the country (well sorta what you said).

I believe that is what our "customers" now see. Most of them work for a company, they are not all that happy,

other than good pay, good insurance, retirement, etc.  When you say business, you just got the "air exhale eye

roll" reaction.  If we say we are a business, we just shot ourselves in the food.  We want them feel, that we

are "different"...they have an idea a business in going just for one thing, to make money.  You cut corners,

do all sorts of things because you are a "business", like they work for and know all the things their companys


Our only hope is to be "different".....we produce your food  (the stuff the put in their mouths, and what they

smear all over the face of their toddlers, with maybe a couple of spoonfulls that get in....((the key is

goldfish crackers are like ensure for adults....only thing they need to survive)).


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