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Hog Buildings

Looking for some input for my dad.  He has been approached by a granddaughter to sell 8 acres of the home farm for a hog confinement building.  The hogs would be owned and fed by Cargill, have idea who would hold the paper as she will graduate this spring from college, so has virtually no equity of her own to fund the land and building.  The 8 acres also includes a large barn that needs some roof work, not a large amount, but the barn is very useable being fully concreted inside on the sides and outside as well.  The soils are Tama, and Muscatine so the CSR is in the 90-100 range for the ground.


Is this a worthwhile venture for her?  She does plan to get another job, but I don't have a lot of faith that she will have staying power to stick with it?  If she defaults on the loan, what happens to the property?  My brother farms the rest of the farm, her uncle, and would I presume use the manure. 


I think my dad should have the right to see the proposed contract she would have with Cargill, is that a reasonable expectation?


Lots of questions, any other comments or thoughts will be welcomed.


Thanks in advance,



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