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Re: Hog Nuisance Suit Costs Smithfield $50 Million

A lot of this is about the lost art of being a good neighbor, there are manure treatments that could solve most of this, but of course that costs money.  The owner/operator many times actually lives in town and takes care of sites out in the country and add too that cases where neighbors hate each other to boot, so they see little need to spend $2,000/yr per site to keep the odor and flies down.  But that lawsuit should be a wake up call "our factories have no walls".


This isn`t the olden days of kids in the back of the LTD stationwagon saying "ewwww! What`s that smell?" as they drove by a guy spreading manure with a M Farmall and New Idea spreader from his 50 sow herd.   Dad would say, "That`s the smell of money kids" and it was only an occasional smell.  The hog farmer`s wife the only one putting up with the flies.


The last few years these hog sites have sprung up like mushrooms and the head integrators are trying to fly under the radar "Oh we`re just little ol Pa & Pa Kettle with our little ol 5,000hd hog sites".....Ah no yer not.  A 5,000hd site is probably going to have the sewage of a 20,000 population town and there might be 3 or 4 of them on a section.   They ain`t no Ma & Pa Kettle anymore by any stretch.