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Re: Hog Nuisance Suit Costs Smithfield $50 Million

No you miss the point...... probably intentionally.


Instead of taking the judgmental viewpoint ......... try the what is best for a free society viewpoint..... or better yet the "live with our choices" viewpoint.


It appears to me the population, through a variety of mechanisms (individual, social, economic, and legislative) has chosen to consolidate manure production nationally and move portions of it into less hazardous locations.  And through a competitive market place used to produce only the amount to meet demand.  Concentration of production allowed regulation of manure handling, disposal, and storage.  Usda and the public through regulation favors consolidation (probably not consciously but in result).  Whether this case has merit or not will be for a court to decide.... assuming we can find a jury that is not tainted beyond degree and can think enough to render a wise decision.  With the new media technology and the fact that everyone pees in the internet media pool, it may be hard to find a jury that hasn't been fed a verdict before it hears a case.  


That is what brought on my questions to Jim.......... the greed comment refers to the fact that we as a society jump to a class action suit even when it is hard to find anyone who has actually been hurt by the action or lack of.   "If it sounds good........... its a case."


Ask this serious question.  If the same level of contamination testing used on Iowa streams for water quality today was used on Iowa streams back when all four of those farms per section had hogs and smell ....... how would it compare?  And what measures could we take to fix it.  Isn't that what got us here?


My question is really coming from my lack of trust in the public (the juror pool) to be able to make a difficult decision...


Potential Labor and Juror: