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Re: Hog Nuisance Suit Costs Smithfield $50 Million

Would  a  preferred  jury  pool  be  12  Smithfield  Employees  or  12  neighboring  residents  to  the  facility ? 


I  have  yet  to  witness  a  board  member  of  one  of  these  facilities,  reside  any  where  near  the  facility,  a contract  grower yes,  the  Million  $$$$  crowd  nota -  or  maybe  I  haven't  been  directed  to  that  information - - - 


Golden  Rule  has  some  rough  edge's -  The  Folks  with  the  Gold  Play  the  Rules - - -


Jim -  how  many livestock litigation suit's were in municipal court - up until -as of the last 2 decades ? 


I  remember  a  comment  on  this  site  a few  years  back  from a  lady from  Carolina , being  my  property  right's  end , where my neighbors fence begins >


if  Folks can't fly a drone over the neighbors property with risk of litigation, why does this same rule  NOT apply to flies, dust ,  & stench ? ? 


Ask  this  question - If  you  had  a town  with  population  of 250  vs. a city  with  25,000 - where  does the waste comparison equation even fit in - BA  already answered that - - -


Large operations in the Buffalo Commons thinly populated area - has little in common with area's of eastern population stats,