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Re: Hog Nuisance Suit Costs Smithfield $50 Million

That changed ....... 


I like the second one better............ Yesterday I was listening on C span the hearing and questions before the supreme court on the travel ban.  A great enjoyment...... not too often do we know enough specifics about a case to keep up with the high speed dialogue.


I kept thinking about your first golden rule and wondering how much it costs for the work of those well articulated folks in that courtroom, who get to the point and meld thoughts and words so well.  And in agriculture how seldom we get to hear such.   How those justices can slice through the mountain of whipped cream and get right to the heart of the pie, the disect it into outcomes and ingredients for the future of a society..... always impressive and refreshing to here the comparison of differing opinion without the ugly name calling.


It is expensive to be well represented and bring a case.  Is that because good legal minds are so few or we can't solve problems without them?

I have lots of questions..... like have we outgrown good democracy or just too lazy to pay the price to keep it out of the courts (writing good laws for example)


I don't have answers and cannot say if the move from family farms to corporate structure is good or bad.. We sure go through knotholes in the transition........  I am trying to remember the good reasons for the change and not slump back into a nostalgic fog.

I am just struggling to adjust to the change that is around me, and trying to see a clear piece of that pie.  Doubt I will be able to afford even that after it cools.  But while I am alive I am looking to enjoy the stuff we take for granted and many have never known.