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Hog Nuisance Suit Costs Smithfield $50 Million

Not so many years ago, within the memory of many of us on this site, there were about four 160 acre farms per section.  That means every road had four sets of farm buildings on it, 2 on one side and 2 on the other.  Every farm had hogs.  All the hogs smelled.  Everyone got used to it and nobody rushed to live in the country.  (I remember trying to figure out how to get the hog smell off before going out on a date with a girl who lived on a hog farm and who probably worried about it too.)


Farmers got older, got more land, and finally in 1998 the hog price crisis and new few farms raise hogs but they raise a gazillion of them.


Now there is often no hog smell as drive down the country road.  There are still four sets of buildings, but now three of them are on 5 acre lots and are owned by city people who just happen to live in the county.


Even some of the non-livestock farmers are against livestock now.  So everyone passes laws and sues.


Well, we don't quit at hog smell.  We sue or are sued over grain bin fans running at night, combines making dust, nitrates in the water, pesticides in streams that never had a fish but don't have fish now - (I know what I wrote).


Lawyers are just like farmers.  The little ones are going broke but the big ones prey on anything within snapping reach of their jaws.  That more and more is things like hog smell, combine dust, grain bin fans and agriculture itself.


Every one of us is subject to being sued, of course.  It's getting more and more likely that what we do will be controlled by people who don't have a clue what we do or how their laws and regulations affect us.  WOTUS and nitrates are a couple of topics that spring to mind.


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