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Re: Horse Slaughter

First of all Yuck! yuck yuck yuck.    But if they have to do that, at least have plants devoted to it, I don`t want to ever hear of any "mix ups" at the packing plant.   Just send the crap overseas and keep it out of our good beef supply.


But in the olden days there were the jokes about the glue factory and dog food.  Now, I don`t think it`s in dog food, the rendering trucks charge $700 or whatever to pick a horse up.  Seems to me these horse nuts that spend all that money, paying $700 is a drop in the bucket to all the hay and oats they buy.


Thing is with hogs a guy has to be PQA certified and beef is moving to BQ certified.   Well these horse jockeys can go to Fleet Farm and buy all kinds of antibiotics and pump these horses full of God knows what and break needles off and everything else...question is would that be fit for "human" consumption?

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