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How Adaptable Are We?

We are worried that NAFTA will go away, that the RFS will change, that crop insurance will be cut.


We all get used to the rut we are in and we spend immense amounts of time and effort to maximize our position in the rut.  That is normal, probably.


But we're all getting old, we're getting out of livestock, we have less energy and fewer alternatives partly due to our own fautl.


We are not very adaptable to change. 


Think of our fathers and grandfathers.  Hybrid corn, soybeans, alfalfa, herbicides, GMO, all caused major shifts in how we farm.  No more timothy, no pasture pigs, no sheep or geese.  Monoculture.  We prosper by it and we may suffocate with it.


It may take some major changes to alter how we farm, and if we aren't willing or even able to change, we may see a revolution in farming like we've not seen since the founding of the country.  Well, maybe it is already here.  Chicken and hogs.  Is that it?  Or is it something entirely different, like farm to fork and intensive agriculture on a small scale?


One thing for sure.  It won't be us who do it.  We are not adaptable.

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