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How Farmers Will Be Affected By AgroTerrorism

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If agroterrorism ever gets to be an issue, you can bet that the government will get involved big time.  One of the things that will be likely to happen is more traceability.  The feds probably won't care what variety of corn you grow, but they may be very interested in which field and bin it passed through.

The longer the food chain, the more vulnerable, so you can look for more vertical integration which will give the various players more knowledge and control of products and processes.  The big packers and growers may use public and government concerns as a reason and basis for exercising more vertical control from planning to planting to production to processing.

A lot of our food supply right now is of the just in time management method.  If we have examples of agroterrorism causing a decline in confidence in oranges, meat, grains or other foods, big companies may find it useful to have a stock on hand that will keep the pipeline flowing until a reserve can be built up.  That implies more contracting farther out and fits into a planned, managed vertical integration system.