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How Rough Will 2012 Be?

Hard times create hard circumstances.  This Blog worries that some farmers will enjoy record incomes and others may suffer devestating losses.  The farmer who has sold ahead, is unhedged and has inadequate crop insurance may find himself having to buy expensive grain to fill contracts that pay poorly.  There could be a severe financial losses in a few cases.

It seems to me that the blog is pushing a worst case scenario.  The drought is uneven, with some areas tragically affected and others on the cusp - it could go either way as of yet.

The blogger is worried that some farmers may find the financial strain too severe and fall victim to depression and even suicide. Do you know what the signs of depression are?  Do you know the indicators of suicide?  What would you do if you were pretty sure a neightbor or someone in your family was showing suicidal tendencies?


Poor yields from the drought can quickly lead to severe financial pressure in a farm family and that can take on new manifestations related to depression and potential suicide. Family members should be alert for changes in personality of their relatives, as well as neighbors and friends. Take action to get them help, either voluntarily or indirectly.