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Re: How Will Ag Robotics Affect You?

I wonder how the shift to robotics will happen?  Is there a way to ease into it so that one can make changes as one can afford them, or will this be a case where only the rich can make the change and the rich will get richer?  

In my case, I know that auto-steer and other automation has made it easier for me to continue farming to an older age than I would have expected.  Will old farmers embrace robotics to stay in the tractor seat longer or will new farmers be the ones who pick up enough acres to make robotics pay?

I wonder if robotics will be an economic way to address weeds that are developing resistance to herbicides.  Maybe a swarm of little robots out there pulling button weeds?  Maybe some more precise application of herbicides so they are more likely to be effective?  Maybe even a little robot with a hoe?  Who knows.

It seems to me likely that smaller, autonomous planters will be the future, not 36 row machines but more 6 row planters that get into all kinds of tight corners and that can handle more precise applicaiton of inputs.

Will UAS (drones) be your step into robotics?  I'm not sure how I see that but maybe.

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