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Re: How Will Ag Robotics Affect You?

The ante to enter farming has been uped over the years where it`s imposible to get started totally on your own unless a winning lottery ticket was included somewhere at the beginning.  That CIH autonomous tractor at the Farm Progress Show was a eye opener.  It`s hard to get help and help that can competently run machinery, so that will drive alot of this.  When one big neighbor makes the step, it`ll go quickly after that, at first the coffee clatch will laugh at the problems of the first one in the neighborhood, but just like the wondering "who`ll sit up with the piging sow" was answered and the pork industry was changed forever, so too will the self driving machinery.  They`ll need some yahoos to move the machinery and set it up in the field, but after that just flip the switch and 24hrs later the field is planted and a text msg will tell you it`s time to move to a new field.

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