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How Would Autonomous Machinery Change Your Farm?

Assume you could afford autonomous machinery such as tractors, a combine, etc.

What would be the biggest change in your mind to how you operate?

Would you let go some help?  Would you farm later in life?  Would you try to get more land?  Do you think people who couldn't ride a tractor all day be more likely to be an active farmer?

I wonder if this is another in the step of substituting capitol for labor?  From tractors to large round balers to self-propelled combines to grain handling systems, we always seem to be happy to spend money if we can get away from hiring people.  Is this another in that trend?

What will it mean for farming succession if great grandpa is still "in the saddle" and feels no need to turn over the reins?

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Re: How Would Autonomous Machinery Change Your Farm?

sounds good. I would really like to play more golf. Smiley Very Happy

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