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Re: How many days it take to plant corn crop?

If someone can get done in 5 days, in most cases they are over powered.   Which on a crappy wet year can make them a local Rockstar, but if it`s a faux spring and they plant, get done too early that can lead to having to replant or living with a less than desirable field.  


Planting is a very localized activity, it can be a wet spring "here" where 20 miles to the south they wouldn`t mind a "shot of rain" so I don`t know if "planting crews" would be as successful as harvesting crews, who can also be hostage to the weather.   Some older farmers give up spraying, tillage and harvesting, but cling to doing their own planting  🙂


It`s all "relative" but to have a +$200,000 piece of machinery that is only used one week a year and has to sit in the shed as the rain pours down, just as the old 494A 4 row did 50 yrs earlier seems to have a challenge to economically justify.   Lots of things can be justified with $7 corn, $3 corn not so much.   🙂

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Re: How many days it take to plant corn crop?

BA  -  Order  up  some  '''  driverless ''  - self peRpelled  say  32  row  seeder ,driverless  fert.  tender ,  then a fleet of  driverless  trucks,  driverless  combines,  driverless  grain  cart 's  also - - - 


Uni-bilt  NEW  IDEA  was  way  ahead  of  it's  time ,  maybe - - -


Also  get  yur  cent-suss  filled  out ,  how  ya  gona  go  driverless  without  broadband,  I'm  reading  an  article  that  says  only  40%  have  filled  out  the  census   ?  ?  ?Smiley Wink

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