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Hunters gaining access to property

Hi everyone, I am new to the site and have a couple of questions for anyone who is willing to answer.

-How many hunters each year knock on your door to see if they can hunt your property?

-How many of your family members hunt on your properties?

-How many of you allow only close family/friends to hunt on your properties?

-How many of you allow "door knockers" to hunt on your property?

-Would you be interested in a platform that screens, validates, and approves hunters to hunt on your property that also frees you from liability and  gives you a substantial monetary transaction?


We are trying to give farming another form of revenue that could help multiple sectors in multiple industries.


Thank you for the help.


God Bless

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Re: Hunters gaining access to property

I guess I wouldn`t feel right charging someone to hunt.  It`s a great sport that has a lot against it these days, so a father passing on the tradition to their kids and they`re responsible that should be something that they could do for free.  


My pet peeve about hunters is they sometimes block field driveways during harvest and not much ticks me off quicker is you give them permission to HUNT and they pester you about "what do you have to have for the 54` Studebaker out in the grove?"   ...None of your damned business!  I gave you permission to HUNT, not snoop in my grove, monkey around my whiskey still and marijuana patch!  You`re there to shoot Pheasants and deer and turkeys and NOTHING else!

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Re: Hunters gaining access to property

Seriously, Even grandpa and grandson from town have a very different definition of hunting than a generation back.  That do not want to walk a couple of miles through cover crops..... they want a road kill, easy pickens.  They will put more miles on a truck than steps taken.


Grampa is not going to walk CRP grass If he can get by with it.  He is a road hunter shooting from the truck of he wants or walk your shelter belt and machinery parking lot.  A far different story than he told you.  And he would like a signed map of your place which gets duplicated and distributed.  "There are reasons your dog doesn't want to leave the shed on opening weekend.

Birds are smart they will fly straight for the irrigation sprinkler of the combine.  Hunters these days are not that smart.  They will shoot at that combine.......even when it has an operator in the cab..  One guy on our farm will spend over a week fixing buckshot damage to irrigation equipment every spring.  We give permission to less that 12 hunters, because you never know how many they will actually bring.  Or how many will be there without asking.  It is an "entitlement" on CRP ground found on any road in the area--- permission not required.  So any place on that road that looks like a good spot will just take a second.... and "we saw the birds get up here" so we dont have to ask.  "Don't get so pissy about your Damned ole sprinkler".  " Rich farmers make millions in this country, and can afford to replace the damage".

And family........ is the worst........ I got a cousin that got permission over 20 years ago.... good for a lifetime I guess  -- brings in groups of ball players, etc. ... and tells any other hunters he sees that he has exclusive rights to the property.  Even the actual owner of the property his cousin leases.


No one "wants" to hunt on your property when they ask.  They want permission to kill on your property........ whatever moves.  And "where are the birds so i don't have to walk" (I am retired and my reactions are poor and I want to take a chance on shooting my grandson accidentally.... or walking him close to rattlesnakes and badgers

or these 4 old fellas are good hunters and doing more exercise in one day that they have in years, so one of them will die on your property as he sets on the pickup(happens in this area)   

Far more tires are worn out in hunting season than boots.


So do these so called "hunters" need representation, an agent,  No.....  they got USDA, and the NRA, and the right to bear arms.  Why do the need you?

And does the farmer need a hunter "recruiter" or another entity who creates "permission" conflict..... or one more intermediary who promises profit from freeloaders.    


No there are no services needed here......... We are painting poles and posts purple now in Ks because hunters can't read "no hunting" signs....  Or purple paint will outlast the bullet holes in "no hunting" signs.  

It could just be "wildcats" marking their territory...

It takes a lot of ammo to shoot the purple paint off the REA pole.


I dont want to charge and most I would like to charge don't ask.  

But if your run someone off in sw ks for hunting without permission and he says his grandmother owns the land.   Well lets just say it is better to wait until he is hunting on the neighbor to "run him off".... He probably knows who his grandmother is.... 



And finally ---- and most important..... there isn't enough profit potential in it to pay for the purple paint...  other than yours.    And I don't want anybody involved I dislike more than hunters.  So the answer is No..... you don't have permission to hunt profit on my farm.

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Re: Hunters gaining access to property

I used to lease hunting rights when the pheasant population was big.  Not too bad to lease to a given party each year and agreements can be reached.  But no more hunting.  For one thing, I don't want the liability.  Some say there is minimal liability, but still I'm not interested in the hassle.  The money isn't big enough to cover the insurance headaches.



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Re: Hunters gaining access to property

All  great  points  -  hunting  ideas  have  changed  mentality -  10  '' hunters ''  walking  through  80  acres  with  8  dogs  -  uh  not  my  style ,  and to think of the amount of alcohol involved in the caravan -  NO THANKS - - -



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