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I Have Three Knives On Me

I was at a store this morning and the salesman needed to open a box. I fished out my Swiss Army pocket knife and he used the small blade to slit the seal. He mentioned that he never seemed to have a knife when he needed one, but farmers always had a knife. I said, well, I have three knives on me. The Swiss Army knife that I use for smaller tasks like cutting a string or cleaning my nails, a big folding knife with a clip that I stick in my pocket and use for opening big boxes and sacks, and there is a knife on my Leatherman, which I carry because it has the pliers and the Phillips head. I could probably carry some other combination, it's just that I'm used to thus. Many carry a pair of pliers in a holster, but I don't. I suppose that makes me a dangerous person, but to me there are all simply tools. I use them like an engineer uses a calculator or a CPA uses a pencil. What tools do you carry routinely, and do you have to think about taking any of them off, such as when you go into a school to vote or into an airport?
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Re: I Have Three Knives On Me

I stopped carrying any knives. Just as you said. I go to many places where it could get me in trouble. Pick kids up from school etc.
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Re: I Have Three Knives On Me

I finally gave in and stopped carrying tools.

I have a pocket knife on me but it is dispensible,  or disposable, or unnoticable, or lets say won't mess up my weekend if NSA says "toss it in the barrell".

But I changed my concealed carry policy when one evening in Amarillo, Texas when those false mirages of safety, tossed my left pocket into the barrell........ three good endwrenches ---- a 9/16, 1/2 and 7/16.   Naked all the way to Sacramento,  It was humiliating.


I think I could have cleared the skies with a 15/16 gear wrench........

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Re: I Have Three Knives On Me

i carry a leatherman, knife blade is super dull though and the tips broke off.

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