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Re: Good one!

that probably is possible and your landlord might be willing to kick in. just don't tell her that i thought she would!!

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Re: I don't do surveys

 when the caller asks if i would do a survery  and does not offer a payment if i would quailfy , i then ask if they are getting paid to do this calling. Most of the time they say yes and i respond  ,  So you are doing research for a large company who is paying your company to do this, but you need the American Farmer to obtain this info, because we learn something everyday and base our decisions on what we have learned in the past. so why should we give out free info  from our job. I do not mind helping someone get started and share all my experiences with anyone who asks but we pay the Monsantos and all the super seed companies of the world for their products  and we pay more each year for the best products . we have to keep up and spend more each year it seems to get the best return , i will buy the most pricey seed and chem if they prove to be better than the previous product,  and i do not like rebates either but that is better than nothing i guess. Hope i dont sound to be mean   , good luck

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