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I'm speechless

And to get el cheapo in that status takes a bit
Of doing.

Have some late Milo, wanted it sprayed before
"The rain" to get chem working.

I got the quote and it put me in shock for
A while. I got in the pickup and just looked
At it...over $70 AC for chem and spray.

Our people are just out of touch....

Prices are is as dry as a bone....yet
They want to max everything out and use
Everything in the book and kill every weed
In one day.

Is there any wonder why everything is just
Out of control......

Lack of common horse sense.

Oh...I didn't tell them to spray...
Now must wait untill Monday for
Another bunch....they are closed on weekends

We don't have our own large sprayer, and
With the health issues and one specialist at
The medical school saying "have you considered
Retirement".....and a ways from haven't
Been thinking of shopping.....but I think
I'm going to start looking at a sprayer.
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Re: I'm speechless

Hey Speechless - I know NOTHING about milo - so fill me in - What kind of chemicals cost 70 an acre ? OR do they just charge high rates to apply it ? 

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Re: A good sprayer

Will pay for itself quicker than any other piece of equipment that I know of. I bought a pull sprayer with a 1600 gallon tank and a 90 ft boom./ A fast implement for those that are curious. I used it a half dozen years before my retirement and sold it at auction with little depreciation.


The big advantage was I could load up 160 gallon and do alot of acres in short time. Also, I could earn some savings on chem purchases. However a ninety foot boom at 7 or 8 mile per hour will cover a bunch of acres fast.Also a 1600 gallon tank will cover 80 to 100 acres and you didn't need to move a refill cart to the location.

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