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I need help for school paper

Hi my name is Nikolas I am a Junior at University of Northwestern Ohio and I am going for my bachelor’s degree in agribusiness and need help with a paper I have to ask some questions to a person who is in a sales position in the agriculture field any help would be greatly appreciated below are a list of the questions I need help with thank you

•What they like and dislike about their jobs.

•Why they chose a sales career.

•What activities they perform.

•What type of prospecting system they use.

•How they plan their sales calls.

•How they manage their time and territory.

•How much it costs to contact one prospect and, on average, what amount must be sold each day just to break even.

•What they believe it takes to succeed in selling their products.

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Re: I need help for school paper

This assignment should not be to hard.

Get off the computer and head out of town until you see a place that sells seed or fertilize or farm chemicals.

Then talk to them. Most of them are pretty nice folkds.


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Re: I need help for school paper

Hope the kid figures it out.  In this day and age social skills are a rare commodity.  You just did him a favor if he heeds your advice.

Soon we are going to face a sales force that wants close a deal on a hand held device and that will be possible---------after they have established my trust.

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Re: I need help for school paper

Nikolas- I work for a direct seed business in the Midwest. I would be happy to help you with your paper, but prefer not to give all my secrets away on here! Please email me directly at
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Re: I need help for school paper

I know of an insurance agent that says he has younger-aged clients that have found his agency online, signed up, and he never sees them. He can't believe the customer doesn't want to come in the office, meet him and be sure that everything is legitimate, you know. Nope, he says they would prefer to not have to come in. He says he may never meet some of these customers. So, it's happening.



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