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Re: Idle curiosity question of a non farmer

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The trouble with the NFO is they were Marxists and radical  and didn`t resemble more than a loud minority.  In the 50s killing hogs and dumping milk didn`t draw much sympathy from urban families taught their kids about "clean your plate the Chinese are starving!".  From what I`ve heard, it would`ve been the epitome of crony capitalism, the head one`s in the NFO claimed they "raised 400 hogs a year" when really they raised 100, so they could double their herd and still cut what they said they raised in half to comply with NFO`s production to get in on the goody prices.


What I don`t like about the current cheap food policy farm programs is they concentrate the wealth in agriculture and the big get bigger.  A guy will  start a chemical business and becomes a success...and yay, clap clap clap good for him he`s living the American Dream and worth $200 million.  ..but he takes $50 million and tells his brother "I`ll buy the land and you farm it!".  That`s capitalism, it`s the wealthy brother`s hard earned money to do what he pleases with.   Trouble is, every other farmer these days seems to have a gimmick like that and there`s this glut of outside money coming in that screws with production agriculture economics. 


I don`t know how outside money could be limited from coming in....or if it should be (Darwin`s law and all)  However, 5-10 years from now the agricultural wealth will be so concentrated that socialism may appear attractive to the majority of "failed farmers" in this great big Monopoly game.  And that`s the trouble with other areas of the economy as well.  You`re either Mark Zuckerberg or a 28yr old kid that will be paying until you`re 60 on student loans and not many people with common sense in between.  But if you want to know how America elects it`s first open socialist president, we`re watching the ground work now.

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