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If you could become an expert.....

in anything related to agribusiness what would it be?


I'm a young farmer in eastern Washington and I'm hoping to get my operation on the right track for sustained growth.  I've been farming my own crops for 5 years now and would like to continue on the right path but my inexperience with the business of farming sometimes feels like a hindrance.  I took some business courses in college but would not consider myself to have any advanced knowledge and they do not always relate directly to agribusiness.  What would be the areas in regards to the business of farming where I should focus my primary attention to attain my best potential for longterm success?


Thanks in advance.  

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Re: If you could become an expert.....

I would recommend financial planning and marketing.  I could raise record crops each and every year, but without the knowledge of marketing or how to handle financies, I won't be in business very long.


Good luck to you moving forward.

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