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A millionaire wins 114 milion, sad story

I have read several stories about this man. It ended up destorying his family and death of grandchild.


Bob Ojio

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Re: If you won $10,000,000

Like the oil sheiks of the Middle East, whi supposedly say, " My father's father rode a camel. My father drove a Rolls Rouce. I fly a private jet. My son will ride a camel.".
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Re: directed to all of you

Well said Don.


I remember an interview with a garbage truck driver and the interviewer said he must find some good interesting things in the garbage in the 'rich' area of the city.

The driver said no the good things come from the poor areas.

the rich never throw anything away.


From 'The Good Book' by A.C. Grayling

“The heir of a wealthy man squandered his money, and a poor sage saw him eating bread and salted olives. He said to the impoverished heir, ‘Had you thought that this might be your food, this would not be your food.’”

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