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Senior Advisor

In the Iowa Legislature

Duh! you may say, but the Iowa legistlature is getting ready to act on a bill that would make fish comply with various confinement regulations.

The House also want minibikes and ATVs used solely in agriculture to be exempt from licensing.

You'll have to provide a statement of earnings every payday to each regular employee, the House is thinking.

The Iowa Senate is looking at a bill  that says no one under 12 can work on the street in any job (such as peddling newspapers) and between 12 & 16 you need a work permit.

The House will make it fraud to hire on in an agricultural facility under false pretences.

The Senate says you have to bury a locater wire with underground utilities.  Does this mean with tile lines?

The Senate will make you put an ID tag on your deer stand.

If you raise farm deer, the Senate will make you tag them.

Auctioneers will have to be licenses, says the Senate.

 The Senate wants to give $3,000,000 to further the establishment of the battleship Iowa as a museum or something.


These are all proposed bills, not law, not even necessarily going to be voted on.  Interesting, though. 

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