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Re: Independent Agency Regulatory Analysis Act of 2012

One of the things that perplexes me about your post is the suggestion that the CFTC does something or that congress intends that it do anything.


It doesn't and they don't, unless there is some form of scandal that requires that they get together and harumph for the cameras for a bit.

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Re: Independent Agency Regulatory Analysis Act of 2012



The greater point being that the congressional regulatory and oversight  agencies have been- even more than the exectutive branch agencies-  captured by the industries that they were originally designed to oversee and have become enablers of fraud and systemically risky behavior.


The NYT editirial board and many of their pundits tend to carry water for the financial industries, which is what we're mostly talking here.


I suppose farmers feel like they've been on the long side of commodity manipulation recently and instinctually want to protect it. .  Probably have been recently but I doubt that continues forever.

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Re: Congress responsibility

Just because we may need less warriors, does not mean we need less employment. That is one of many factors why the government is having a deficit. Lowered employment numbers coupled with lower average wages and more automation has created a system where less revenue is taken in by the government to pay for SS, Medicare, and Defense. Machines, or their parts, can be made offshores to remove physical labor here, but they don't buy products or vote. Laborers do. Maybe we need to go back to some of the commons sense ideals where a company doesn't produce a product that its own employees can't/won't buy.

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Re: Independent Agency Regulatory Analysis Act of 2012

It appears this would be a another side step from the responsibilities they are constitutionally bound to when taking the oath --- examples like M F " glooball " with umpteen other mentionables that could be listed --- watched the hearings on that issue with many on either side of the isle in sort of uncomfortable circumstances ---funding of campaigns may orchestrate uncomfortable situations thus relay it to another  dolittle finger pointing bureau --- the blasphemy of the old game of hide and seek continues---     

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