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Industrial Hemp and usda's track record of "defending itself"

I am writing this message for your safety, and for us all to consider the honor and dignity that has been lost in our business and among our federal officials.  Please read and consider.  It is worth a lot of discussion. So one has to ask "why did I bring it here.

Good question, It is Another wonderful (total sarcasm) thought out "news" article from came out in our local newspaper last week.


The title Locally was trashed/stolen and reedited by the local Editor who feels like he has the right to do such plagiarism.

Now titled "Colo. hemp delivery detained in Liberal"  the word for word presence in the local news is covered by properly credited by lines.

I have written about these farmers before ........ when a heat wave of 117 degrees on June 17, 2011 just part of a terrible drought so bad the eastern colorado pastures were blowing dust driving the wildlife into the irrigation regions of the Arkansas river for a source of water....... and a Listeria outbreak coincided.  The usda inspection process failed to catch see the outbreak it's required testing.  When the Jensen Farms folks were found guilty of a "general lack of awareness of food safety principles" on their farm after a much publicized FDA case.  In the article among many other false statements you will find this statement..... "In their earlier brush with the law, the deadly Listeria outbreak occurred because of multiple failures at Jensen farms"............"involved 33 deaths and one miscarriage.  The 147 confirmed Listeria patients were spread across 28 states"............................................  Let me share an article on the same subject that you should share with your family instead of articles that protect the politically sensitive folks that work in DC.

(The "Conversation" is a very good source of information and discussion........much better than the politically derived media sources we endure.)

But this story is primarily about industrial hemp where the Jensons are working off their fines from those DC folks who are fighting evil for the american consumer.   Read it..... it is funny, it is sad, it is a snapshot of where we are in the US insanity.  There are boxes of Colorado industrial hemp(according to the article) in custody in Liberal, Ks where it came to change trucks with by and for Fed-Ex in route to California.  There is a cantankerous judge involved, the Kansas Dept. of Ag.(in full asscovered mode)...... all this story lacks is the Dukes of Hazard car chase.

Draw your own conclusions when you consider this information........ But for my opinion... the USDA's industrial hemp program, good or bad, is administered by folks who will hang you with the blame and destroy you to protect their perceived integrity.


Colorado...... and me.    I have  family Buried at Holy Colorado, Syracuse Ks,  Fruita and a neighbor in a boat on Continental reservoir north of South Fork nearly every day August-Sept........ My father and many in my church were young kids riding back and forth across that state filling hand labor jobs in the depression and war years.  He was born in Fruita where his family was picking those "wonderful" colorado peaches..... riding the bed of their  flat bed back across the passes trying to beat winter to the San Louis Valley where farmers sacked potatoes and harvested barley and baled hay.  Then the ride over the LaVeta Pass down to whatever was needed at Rocky Ford's melon fields....and back to Kansas for milo harvest.   ---- I know the difficulties of farming or ranching in Se Colorado and my guess is it is not a desired destination for Usda careers.  My dad's main comment on his childhood was, "Try to stay out of contract farming if at all possible"........."Try to always go across colorado on something softer than a potato sack"  with a very sincere smile.

Read the article and remember to avoid the blame traps and land mines of US politics.  You may get to drive a fancy tractor, but your still just a farmer.

This much I know --- the story is never that simple.............. no one plants a crop or harvests one intending to kill 33 people................ Listeria is not new................Americans in general, who prepare food commercially or personally general have a serious "lack of awareness of food safety principles" ------- Our local schools don't even touch the subject and most parents are at work.

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Re: Industrial Hemp and usda's track record of "defending itself"

Principals  and  Politics   -  being  an  extremely,  impossible  relationship ,  with high  volumes  of  tainting  in  the  offering -  -  -

Try  to  stay  out  of  contract  farming  -  being  wholesome  advise -  from  a  very  respectable  adviser -  -  -

Seems  we  replaying  the  1980's ,  and  how  far  should  we  stretch  our  hardiness - grit  will  be  again  tested  like  your  and  my  ancestors  -  -  -   

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