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Re: Inflation Rate And Cost Of Living Calculator

No  simple answer ---  No


Turn on the TV   this world's people are not what they once were.  We don't even try to imagine Mayberry any more....


Farmers can be brought in from several places in the world as needed.....


I had a "wake up" moment this week.......Lets call it "public Service"


.Local neighbor turned 90 this year.  Is near deaf has stopped driving but still lives alone 10 miles out of town.  I'll grant ya this lady is not making the wisest decisions, but probably the ones she can afford.

My son came by as she was walking the quarter mile to her mailbox.  Gave her a ride back to the house..  30 degrees and windy.

He says get your mailbox moved up to the house since your not driving.  She said I tried.

She had gotten a neighbor to take her to the doctor and he wrote a note for the Postmaster in Liberal, Kansas saying

this lady's condition was bad enough to need the mailbox moved.

Same neighbor drove her to the postoffice where the 90 year old lady walked in and presented the note and asked that her mailbox be moved up to her house which is on an improved road on a section line.  Postmaster told her if she was able to bring that note in to the office alone she was not in bad enough shape to move the box...

True story............ My Son went to the postoffice to verify and they confirmed the story........ but If he would bring her in with another note they would reconsider..


Public service is not what it used to be and neither is the view of farmers........ 



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